Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reeling from #trueblood #souloffire. Kick@$$ show. Lafayette should've summoned Antonia. Eric was mean to Pam. Alcide did what he had to.

Love this Mother & Child sculpture. Simple & timeless.


Reminiscent of Plaza de La Catedral en La Habana Vieja.


Visiting Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. Peaceful & beautiful historical landmark.


Can't believe Conan isn't showing anymore at the movie theaters near me. What's up with that. It's not a straight-to-video film, right?

Viewed the Killer Elite trailer. Jason Statham, Clive Owen & Robert De Niro. Another testosterone-laden film.

Viewed the Contagion trailer. Looks pretty good. All-star cast.

Can’t get into Lunar Truth. Is this part of the hype?

Saw Apollo 18. Interesting conspiracy theory. Cool Remote Terminal Access with DOS interface.